Flexible payment solutions.
On time. On budget.

TIO Connect is your gateway to improved bill payment procurement.

Effective consumer bill payment requires choices.

TIO Connect offers you an easy way to provide your customers new payment options they demand, all without breaking your budget or stressing out your IT team.

With TIO Connect, your organization can quickly and easily integrate with TIO Networks, North America’s largest bill payment network, to enable your customers to pay your organization’s bill. TIO can help you accept payments via cash, check, credit or debit card and settle transactions with you the next business day.

And, we offer unparalleled flexibility in payment acceptance options for your customers. Whether they are cash-based customers that prefer a walk up self-service kiosk or a clerk-assisted transaction, or they are more comfortable paying their bill from the comfort and convenience of their computer or smartphone, TIO has the bases covered.

Available payment options. Deploy what you need. Expand easily later.

With TIO Connect, you can provide the payment options that your customers demand.  Deploy what you need now. Expand easily later. You can choose to make your bill available in TIO’s existing payment network, or deploy your own branded solutions. We can help you accept cash, credit, debit or prepaid cards, and remit the payment directly to you. All for a lot less than you can imagine.


Accept bill payments at self service kiosks at your payment locations, or at any one of TIO’s 2,000+ third-party locations.

Clerk Assisted

Do you have walk up locations? With our Express software, your counter staff can accept payments anywhere – no hardware required!


Over 55% of the population now carries a smartphone. With TIO Connect you can offer bill pay services via our app, or we can deploy an app with your branding.


Turn your website into a bill payment powerhouse. Take credit or debit payments 24 hours a day through your own branded web payment interface.


  • Who uses TIO Connect?

    • Utility Companies
    • Wireless Carriers
    • Wireline Providers
    • Cable Providers
    • Satellite Providers
    • Insurance Companies
    • Auto Payments and Leases
    • General Loan providers
    • Homeowners Associations
    • Financial Services
    • App Developers

Learn more about TIO Connect

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